TAČR - programme ZÉTA for young scientists till 35 years

The first challenge of the Zeta programme will focus on supporting collaborations between academia and enterprises through the involvement of the parties involved in the doctoral and master study programmes at universities and young scientists / researcher workers under the age of 35 years. Project objectives must be based on thematic priority areas listed in the Annex. 22 Tender Documentation of the ZÉTA Programme.
The research team is of at least four members (i.e. Three students respectively young researchers of a mentor). Members of the research team are employees of the candidate or they will be employees after receiving the backing, leading researcher of the team can be only a student or a young researcher, who will by the termination date of the tender period reach a maximum age of 35 years; member of the research team can only be a student or a young researcher that will at the date of termination of the tender period reach a maximum age of 35 years; part of the research team is a person (mentor) over 35 years of relevant experience in the academic and / or application sphere; recipients will be required to demonstrate cooperation with the project application partner or a foreign institution with an elaborate system of commercialization and do so according to the specifications in the contract documents.

Amount of subsidy: max. 5 million CZK for 1 project

The share of subsidies to total eligible costs: max. 85 % (for research organizations up to 100%)

Implementation time: max. 2 years

Submission of project applications: announcement of call 29th March 2017, the anticipated closing date of the call early April 2017 (TAČR will specify)

Further information: HERE

Interested parties may participate in training, which will be held on 13 th February, 2017 at 10:00 am at the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (There is a registration required for participation in the training at this link.

More information can also be found in the attachment.

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