Choice of optional subjects for students of full-time study

For academic year 2024/2025 - from 8 April (12:00) until 14 April 2024 (23:59).

Graduations at FEM (PEF)

Schedule of graduations at FEM (PEF) -  FSE graduates February 2024.


Instructions for final year students - FSE May and June

Instructions for final year students to organize the conclusion of the study a FSE in May and June 2024 on FEM CZU in Prague.

Notice for students of the 1st year of bachelor´s studies at FEM

All first-year students must obtain before the beginning of the summer semester at least 10 credits ...

Important Dates of The Summer Semester

Schedule of the Summer Semester for academic year 2023/2024 for Faculty of Economics and Management in Prague.

Events calendar

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