Choice of optional subjects for students of full-time study

The choice of subjects is done through the University Information System (UIS – (Login -> Student’s portal -> in the column Registration/Enrolment of the table).

1st round of the choice of optional subjects for academic year 2024/2025 will be open from the 8th of April at 12:00 until the 14th of April 2024. Results will be announced in UIS.
Students continuing study in: Students will select:
2nd year programmes EM, BA a INFOA BSc. One foreign language (must not be the student´s native language).
3rd year of BSc in  EM One elective course from the 3rd year offer for winter semester
2nd year of MSc in  EMN

Four electives of the FSE comprehensive subject
(It is necessary to select only one whole group of subjects labelled 3A to 3C, which must be consistent with the FSE comprehensive course designation.)


The lists of elective courses, including codes, are available in the UIS. Master's students in  BAN, EADAN, INFOAN, ITBN and GISM do not select courses.

2nd round of the choice of optional subjects: 22. – 28. April 2024.

Only students (all years and programmes) who did not have their chosen course open in the first round are eligible to vote in this round. The lists of unopened courses will be published after the first round is closed (UIS).

Important notices:
It is necessary to select subjects wisely and within the specified time frame. Course changes must be approved by the relevant departments after the semester begins.
In the first round, there is no limit on the number of students per course. Therefore, selecting courses right away after opening the application is unnecessary.

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