Instructions for final year students - FSE May and June

Students who take the final state exam (FSE) in May and June 2024 must meet the following conditions:


Students have to submit an electronic version of their Thesis through Information System (IS CZU). After loging into IS CZU, transfer to Portál studenta (Student Portal) in which you will select Závěrečná práce (Final Thesis) (image of a book). Then, first of all, through Vložit doplňující informace (Upload additional information) upload your Abstract (outline of your thesis), and the key words for your Thesis – separately in English and Czech. For Theses in English only the English version of Abstract and key words are uploaded. In the same way you have to upload the file with your Thesis through Vložit práci a přílohy (Upload thesis and attachments). The electronic version of the Thesis in a readable PDF format must contain in a single file the complete text of your Thesis which must be identical to the printed version (including printed attachments). The maximum permitted size of the Thesis file is 50 MB. Apart from the Thesis file it is also possible to submit other attachments such as software, videos, audio recordings, presentations and other items p– the total size of attachments is limited to 200 MB. The proces of the Thesis submission is confirmed by pressing the button „Odevzdat závěrečnou práci“ (Submit final work) in the section Odevzdání závěrečné práce (Submission of final work/Thesis). After this is done it is no longer possible to edit your files (however, you can cancel your submission within 24 hours).

The electronic version must be submitted by the student no later than above mentioned dates. The printed version of the thesis in hardbound two copies in the Czech language (in the English language study programmes the copies are to be printed in English) shall be submitted by the student to the secretary of the commission on the day of the final state examination. The thesis can be printed single-sided or double-sided (including the assignment). Together with the thesis the student must submit 4 copies of the summary (max. 3 pages of text and selected bibliographic quotations).

Student is responsible for making sure that the contents of both versions of their thesis are identical. If the printed version of the thesis does not match the electronic version of the thesis, the student will not be allowed to defend the thesis in front of the committee. If fraud (including plagiarism) is detected during the subsequent review of the thesis, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against the student with the possibility of expulsion from the course.


After uploading of your final thesis and all the appendices and additional information to the system, you should see the sections marked in green (see picture below)





Students must check their personal data in the UIS and confirm their accuracy. When registering for the Final State Exam an optional subject is entered (specialization, only the selected disciplines of the MSc (Ing.) study). To participate in graduations in June 2024, the student applies electronically and pays a fee of CZK 400 per graduation (payment details will be provided after registration). More information on

3. STUDENTS COMPLETE ALL PRESCRIBED STUDY OBLIGATIONS. The student submits to the study department (in person at the Infocentre, by post, exceptionally by e-mail) a statement of grades from UIS (single-sided print, landscape) by 13. 5. 2024 at the latest. 

This term is binding. After the deadline the student cannot be assignet to the state exam. If a student has not passed any of the above points, he / she cannot take the final state exam in May and June 2024. He / she shall notify the relevant study officer of the study department of this fact and shall continue to fulfill his / her study obligations (credits, examinations) until September 6, 2024. Thereafter, in September 2024, he / she must enroll in further study (throught Contact centre in UIS). In Contact centre student will be proposed a solution on this record in accordance with the CZU Study and Examination Regulations in Prague (individual study plan, repetition of the year, completion of studies). Passing the state exam for these students is expected in February or June 2025.
In non-standard cases, students are informed by their study officer about the further solution of a specific study situation.

FSE Bachelor.20 – 31 May 2024
FSE Master27 May – 7 June 2024

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