Workshop: Contemporary Issues in Agricultural Economics

The workshop provides an opportunity to broaden knowledge about climatic and economic drivers of agricultural area loss along with factors affecting synchronization of global commodity prices. During the workshop, the methodology for calculating the area loss function and a yield function, which show the direct effects at harvest time and indirect effects through yield on the area loss ratio, will be presented. Moreover, important indirect impacts of climate and land quality and quantity on the area loss ratios of all the crops will be introduced and discussed.
In addition, the application of concordance index in respect to the development of 15 global commodity price indices will be presented to explain consequences of supply chains’ disruptions resulted in increased price synchronization (in both direction and magnitude) of grain, energy, and fertilizer prices at the global level.

Date: 14. 6. 2023 od 14:00 do 16:00

Venue: PEF E V

Language: angličtina

Moderator: Prof. Ing. Lukáš Čechura, Ph.D. - Katedra ekonomiky PEF, ČZU v Praze


  • Prof. John Stephen Clark, Ph.D. – Department of Business and Social Sciences, Dalhousie University in Canada (CA) - Presentation: Analysis of agricultural area loss.
  • Assoc. prof. Rico Ihle, Ph.D. – Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Group of Wageningen University (NL) - Presentation: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine increased the synchronization of global commodity.

Organizing department: Department of Economics, ČZU v Praze

More information:

Intended for: Ph.D. students, Master students, and broad community of experts

The workshop is organized within the research project (reg. no.: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_053/0016979) “Supporting the development of international mobility of research, technical, and administrative staff at CULS Prague” (PROMO II).

The results of the research represent partial solution of the project „Precision agriculture and digitization in the Czech Republic” within the Program of Applied Research “ZEMĚ” of the Ministry of Agriculture for 2017-2025 (NAZV – program QK-ZEMĚ, reg. no. QK23020058) funded by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.

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