Deadline for submitting applications for doctoral study programs is extended

Did you not manage to enroll for a PhD study at FEM in time? You still have a chance.

The deadline for submission your applications for a doctoral study programs at FEM was extended until 19 July 2018.

All information about how to apply and what documents to submit before the admission process can be found on the FEM website. Applications are submitted electronically at

The admission for applicants who enrolled after 18 June 2018 will take place on 29 August 2018.

Doctoral studies at FEM will allow you to study your chosen discipline based on your individual study plan. In addition to fulfilling your study duties, you will participate in the research and teaching activities of your department and you will also be involved in the life of the faculty and the university. As a PhD student, you have the opportunity to go abroad for a wide range of foreign trips, stays and internships. You will gain the access to a variety of faculty support programs for your professional and personal development.

Any questions about the admission procedure and the study will be answered by Ing. Ladislav Šána from the Department of Science and Research at FEM. You can contact him in person by calling 224 382 325 or by e-mail