Haymaking 2017


The project Senoseč online (Haymaking online) records success for the third year. Last year’s campaign for saving animals during haymaking rescued 553 animals, by the beginning of this season the number of rescued animals is over 400. The number of volunteers, gamekeepers and registered agro businesses that take active part in rescuing animals is also increasing.


The application Senoseč online (Haymaking online), developed by Faculty of Economics and Management, is coming out with a new version that enables putting in precise information for all users, is connected with the web portal SENOSEC.CZU.CZ and thanks to that improves the communication between all participants while they are rescuing animals. The application newly allows the possibility to register volunteers with a drone. Another significant news for volunteers is that they can now get thumbs up - likes. Each participant can get an evaluation for their activity in the form of a thumbs up from the organiser of the preventive venture and vice versa the volunteer can evaluate the given venture.

Competition for volunteers in the Haymaking season 2017 to get the most likes

The Ministry of Environment in cooperation with CULS announced a competition for volunteers which get the most likes from organisers of preventive ventures. At the end of the haymaking season, 30th June 2017, 5 volunteers with the most thumbs-ups obtain valuable prices.

 First preventive venture

On Wednesday 17. 5. 2017 the first preventive venture happened on the premises of the CULS Farm Estate at Lány in the framework of the Haymaking project. Between 7 and 8 o’clock volunteers from Faculty of Economics and Management and Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences went through the Wooded part of the field with alfalfa and scared off 6 full (pregnant) roe deer - combine harvesters can seriously harm even an adult roe deer if they run out at the last moment. There were no fawns at the time but they could have been expected by every day. Further away from the forest circa 20 meters from the edge of the alfalfa field was a 7-day old fawn of Sika deer and refused to get up. By that time there was a combine harvester moving on the field by the speed of 25 km/h but the fawn was successfully scared off into the wooded part and therefore rescued.