Statement of the CZU Rector on the tragic event at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Dear Students and Employees of CZU,

In response to today's tragic event at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, I wanted to ask you to consider your possible presence at the university on Friday, 22nd December 2023. Although we have no information about a direct threat on the CZU campus, at the university, we have activated the relevant articles of the preventive security plan to prevent the repetition or imitation of such incidents as much as possible.

In cooperation with the security department and faculty management, we have increased security measures on the campus with immediate effect, within the framework of which access to all buildings will only be possible with a card (ISIC, ITIC, employee card). I cannot inform you about other preventive security measures taken at this time, but I want to assure you that they were taken immediately and with full responsibility.

I apologize for the complications that the increased security measures will bring. I'm sure you understand the need to adopt them. If you notice any suspicious activity or item in this regard, please notify campus security immediately at +420 224 38 2222.

In response to the tragic event at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, which has affected the academic community and the whole society, we offer the support of experts who are ready to provide you with help and understanding in difficult moments. Below, you will find a list of contacts for crisis and intervention centres and psychological services of the Czech Agricultural University (CAU) that are ready to help you:

I express my deepest condolences to the bereaved, as well as to students and colleagues from Charles University.

Petr Sklenička, CZU Rector

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