EMN Students excel in ESG Transformation project

EMN students finished their year-long journey in courses Marketing and Strategic Management to explore Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies with the support of MgC company and the Faculty of Economics and Management. Under mentorship of Jana Pitrova and Jan Havel from the Department of Marketing and Management, students worked on several tasks covering the topics of how businesses can adopt ESG principles. Their main focus was MgC's ESG Transformation Strategy, where they analyzed communication, identified target audiences, and developed market entry plans.

The highlight of the project was student presentations at Veolia's Green Table Coworking hub. Patricia Cipro introduced the place and Pavel Míčka shared insights into Veolia's eco-transformation, paving the way for student showcases. Five best teams from the pool of 25 total teams were carefully selected for the final presentations and all of them did a great job. Two teams were recognized for their outstanding work—one for their presentation skills and content, and the other for their passion and innovative ideas.

This collaboration between academia and industry not only enriched student learning but also prepared them for real-world challenges. Thanks to Magda Prunerova from MgC for making this case study and the final presentation happen. Special thanks to Green Table Veolia, all presenters and also Jana Bábiková from CIRAA for enriching the evaluation committee.


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