Visit of Hungarian students focusing on sustainable food production

The Faculty of Economics and Management organized a brief program for students from our partner institution, the University of Szeged, with the support of a grant from the CEEPUS program. These students visited Prague for three days to delve into the challenges of sustainable food production. The Department of Economics crafted a program encompassing presentations about CZU and FEM, an orientation game exploring sustainable solutions across the Suchdol campus.

The agenda featured presentations on typical Hungarian products, comparing them with their Czech counterparts. However, the focal point of the program centered around discussions on FairTrade products. Surprisingly, Hungarian food science students lacked a clear understanding of FairTrade certification, its eligible products, and how the program supports communities in developing countries, contributing to sustainability in the sector to some extent.

Students were assigned the task of visiting a Fair Trade store, purchasing products, and comparing them with items typically available in retail chains, evaluating aspects such as quality, features, price, and personal use. Beyond this, students had the opportunity to tour the CZU laboratory brewery and participate in an excursion to the Staropramen Brewery.

Despite the recurring nature of such events, the FEM staff innovatively tailored the program this year to be both educational and engaging. We are privileged to organize these activities under the backing of DZS and CEEPUS funds, and we anticipate the continuation of these enriching initiatives.

Pavel Kotyza, Karel Tomšík

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