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Timetable of FEM Graduation on 18. and 20. 6. 2019

MASTERS (Ing.) - Tuesday 18 June 2019 BACHELORS (Bc.) - Thursday 20 June 2019
 17:00 17:00








The students are requested to arrive at the Congress Hall SIC CZU Prague in formal clothes - one hour before the scheduled time in order to train for the graduation ceremony. Students who arrive late will not be included in the graduation!

Important information:

  • Women must be formally dressed, wearing a ladies pant/trouser/skirt suit of appropriate colours. The pants/ trouser skirt should be complemented with a blouse (the skirt should end a hand width above the knees or below). Alternatively, they should wear a dress or summer dress of reasonable cut.
  • Men's social attire is a suit of a moderate colour, with a single-colored shirt complemented by a tie or bow tie.


Children up to five years of age are NOT ALLOWED to enter Hall.

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