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News from the Test Center

Test Center FEM (TC) is used more and more often to test the students more effectively.  Following the comprehensive modernization of all workstations, which was conducted in the summer 2018, there was also an increase in TC capacity to the existing 67 stations. This also increases the number of students who can write a test in the TC up to 643 a day. In the winter semester 2018/2019, the TC was used to write a total of 12,523 test attempts.

It is now significantly easier to book a place and time for writing a credit test or an exam at the Test Center FEM. Thanks to the new module of Learning Management System Moodle (LMS Moodle), developed by the Information Support Center FEM (ISC) in cooperation with the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (OIKT), you can reserve the time and place of the test and also write the test directly within your own Moodle course. There is no need to use a special "Test Center" Moodle course.

ISC FEM is working even more on the development of effective use of the TC and so you can look forward to other news.

Do you want to write a test in the TC? Be sure to remember!
  • The ability to write a test in the TC must be enabled by the Moodle course tutor,
  • it is possible to sign in / out of the test at least 7 hours in advance,
  • only one test can be written per reservation; if multiple tests are required in succession, multiple reservations must be made and you must inform the TC attendants about this when entering the TC,
  • only MS Excel or a MS Windows calculator (Calc) is allowed for necessary calculations,
  • test papers are also available on request from the TC attendants; only those that are approved and distributed by each department may be used,
  • the test room can only be entered after showing a proof of identity and via the safety frame,
  • it is possible to use the lockers that work on a 50 crown deposit to store personal items,
  • the process of testing is supervised by pedagogical supervision not only directly at the work stations, but also through the camera system.

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