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The March term of graduation has been cancelled

Based on the decision of the university management, the entire CZU campus in Prague cancelled all mass events, and graduations. For FEM graduates who have completed state exams in February of 2020, the March graduation date is canceled.

Graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degrees who have applied for this graduation date have the following options to address this situation.

  1. In writing (e-mail, mail) they will cancel their graduation date and request a refund graduation fee, the diploma will be issued at the study department of FEM at the relevant study coordinator during office hours. They will no longer participate at the alternative date of graduation,
  2. They will continue to be enrolled for the graduation, the diploma remains until the alternative date for graduation at the study department, they will inform the study coordinator in writing, in exception cases the diploma can be borrowed until the day of graduation.

The substitute term of graduation will be set depending on the overall development of the current situation. At this moment, the most likely possibility of holding a graduation on a properly announced date at FEM will be between June 15th and June 21st 2020.

University and faculty management are constantly monitoring the situation. If new facts emerge, the crisis crew is ready to decide immediately after agreement with the hygiene department and the contract doctor about the next steps.

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