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Doctoral Scientific Conference FEM Think Together 2019

On February 4, 2019, a doctoral scientific conference Think Together 2019 took place on the premises of the Faculty of Economics and Management, CZU Prague. The plenary session of the conference was attended by about 100 doctoral students, trainers and other academic staff of the faculty.

During the meeting the results of the competition “Dean's Award for Best Output of Doctoral Student FEM per year 2018” and the winning works were presented. First place was won by the work “Estimation of International Tax Planning Impact on Corporate Tax Gap in the Czech Republic”, which was presented for the whole team of authors by Ing. Jan Rohan, a PhD student of the Department of Trade and Finance. Second place was won by the work “Odhad Hurstova exponentu v časových řadách denních výnosů akciových indexů” written by Ing. Pavla Srbka from the Department of Economic Theories and third place took the work “Development of employees’ evaluation and motivation systems in Czech NGO” which was presented on behalf of the authors from the Department of Psychology by Ing. Andrea Štolfová.

This was followed by discussions in professional sections of the conference. The section of Business and Industry Economics was moderated by prof. Ing. Ivana Boháčková, CSc., professional section of Management was led by doc. Ing. Macák, Ph.D., the section of Regional and Social development was moderated by doc. Ing. PhDr. Petr Kokaisl, Ph.D. and Ing. Jakub Husák, Ph.D. The section of the Information management was chaired by doc. Ing. Artnošt Veselý, CSc. and the section of Systems Engineering by prof. RNDr. Helena Brožová, CSc.  Almost 70 scientific papers or overview articles were presented in the professional sections of the conference. After the presentation of the article by the author, the section chair summed up both opponent's assessments and this was followed by a professional discussion to help the author apply the presented article in a scientific journal (in case of scientific articles), or to highlight issues in research design (in the case of overview articles).

There are no proceedings or other types of official publications from the conference; the main contribution of the authors' conference is the collegial review and discussion of the articles presented. The authors have the opportunity to publish improved works in magazines or conferences without repeatedly publishing the same work. The conference is also important for newly admitted PhD students who can try for the first time, in a well-known collective and at home, how a scientific conference and review process proceeds. They will receive comments on their contribution and also on the presentation of their scientific work.

The mission of the conference is to encourage and inspire students in doctoral study programs of FEM CZU in Prague during their professional work. The aim of the conference is to enable PhD students of all years of study to present the results of their work and to give them quality feedback for their work. The Think Together 2019 conference completely fulfilled this aim.

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