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SAP Information System for FEM Students and Teachers

Since Fall 2018, FEM students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the S/4 HANA information system from SAP, which is the largest global player in the business information system market.

The SAP S/4 HANA information system is available through university membership in the SAP University Alliance and thanks to the support of the faculty management. Membership in the SAP alliance and implementation in education is provided by the Department of Information Technologies. Teachers have the opportunity to introduce individual topics and practical examples in the teaching of business processes in production, warehouse management, accounting, controlling, HR, etc. Instructors and students get access to a real information system with data from a fictitious international company Global Bike.

During two semesters, 100 students have already worked with SAP in English study programs Business Administration, Economics and Management and Informatics within the courses taught by the Department of Information Technology. Further 15 students received a certificate after completing an optional course - SAP S/4 HANA Introduction, which was first launched in Summer 2019.

Teachers are invited to a workshop on 12 September 2019 where they will have a great chance to get acquainted with innovations in the information system and experience with the use of SAP in classes. In Fall 2019, students will be offered an introductory course on the SAP information system, prepared by the Department of Information Technologies in collaboration with SKODA AUTO IT, and the second term of SAP S/4 HANA Introduction course. Both courses will be launched during Fall 2019 with more information at

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