Meeting of the IBSEN network members at FEM CZU

At the beginning of May, after 6 years, FEM CZU hosted an IBSEN network meeting. IBSEN (International Business Studies Exchange Network) is a network that was created with the aim of facilitating the exchange of students between member universities in Europe, North America and Asia. FEM CZU has been a member since 2016. The effort is to maximize the intercultural competence of our students and employees and to support their professional growth on a multicultural level.

The main focus of this meeting was strategy of the IBSEN network and visions for future, opportunities for cooperation among member universities, tools for visualizing the network relations and strengthening cooperation. The emphasis is placed on the development of cooperation in the field of science and research, Double Degree programmes, joint projects such as joint teaching or summer schools and much more. More about the activities of the IBSEN network can be found at and here.

University of Split from Croatia, which has been a PEF CZU partner university for several years and was recommended as a suitable new member, was welcomed as a new IBSEN partner. 

Next meeting of the IBSEN network is scheduled for November 2023 at the University of Cagliari, located in Sardinia, Italy.

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