Ensuring the conditions of study at CZU as of 26/04/2021

Important information related to the new protective and emergency measures issued by the Ministry of Health in recent days

With effect from 26th April 2021, it is possible to participate in clinical and practical teaching and training for students of the last years of study. Since the semester for the last years students has already ended, we will not use this option. In addition, individual consultations with only one student and one academic staff member are allowed for all students.

For the students of other years of study, nothing changes with regard to the Ministry of Health's emergency measure. Therefore teaching continues fully in the distance mode using online forms of education, as has been the case so far. Thank you for your active part in it and for creating a prerequisite for successfully completing this semester with your teachers.

The students of the final years have already entered the exam period; for other students, it will start on 3rd May. The current conditions allow, in justified cases, tests to be carried out in a contact manner, but there can be a maximum of ten people in a room at a time. Therefore, distance forms of testing will be widely used, either orally in the form of online transmission in MS Teams or in writing in the form of a test in LMS Moodle.

Furthermore, dear students, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the currently valid emergency measures of the Ministry of Health contain a new condition that conditions personal presence in education (and therefore also in exams or field training) with a negative result of a preventive R-PCR test or a preventive antigen test. This condition is considered to be fulfilled in the case of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 disease (within 90 days) and the case of a certificate of vaccination.

To ensure preventive testing of CZU students, a testing centre has been established in the CZU campus (car park P1), where you can be tested free of charge once every 3 days following an emergency measure of the Ministry of Health. You can register at the website www.staynegative.cz (HERE) from 11 am to 6 pm.  

Preventive testing of students will be performed from 24th April 2021, at a frequency of at least once every 7 days. The first test is performed on the first day of the student's presence at the training. The preventive test is always performed before starting the activity. Students are obliged to inform CZU that the result of the preventive test is positive. They shall communicate this information to the Security Department without delay using the form available at https://aktualne.czu.cz/. Students can also use other healthcare providers for testing.

 Dear students, thank you very much for your understanding and patience in coping with challenging conditions in your study. We wish you good health, and we believe that the situation will continue to improve.

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