The 7th Life Sciences Film Festival

The 7th Life Sciences Film Festival will take place at our university from October 16 to 20 2017. The Life Sciences Festival is an international documentary film festival with the science theme.

The event attends 36 movies overall since 27 of them will compete for the LSFF award and even 9 of them will be shown during informational projection in CULS assembly hall. The Czech Republic is represented by movies  "The Living Skin of Planet Earth - Geoderma" author Ladislav Mika and  "The World According to Termites" by Jan Hošek.

The list of all movies and short information about them you can find in the LSFF film catalogue. You can also individually watch all movies from catalogue at the Study and Information Centre (every day during the festival from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, room 140). Most movies are available in English.


All projections are for free, however for some accompanying events is required to be registred in advance.

The Official Trailer of the 7th Life Sciences Film Festival.

Other information you can find on the Festival website.