3rd year of CZeCH out International Strategy

The department of International Relations in cooperation with the Department of Management, University of Applied Sciences in Bern and ACC Solutions held a combined teaching of the course Strategic Management. The course was attended by 29 students from Bern University of Applied Sciences and 40 CZU students (master students of FEM Business Administration, European Agrarian Diplomacy and Erasmus students). The project was called CZeCH out International Strategy.

On Monday 9th January 2017 students were greeted in the morning at FEM by doc. Karel Tomšík and were briefly introduced to our university. In the afternoon, the students worked in teams on a common project and afterwards visited the university brewery. On Tuesday morning 10th January 2017 students went to an arranged visit to the office of ABB in Prague (Swiss company, supplying digital technology for industry) and in the afternoon, they finished their team projects. On Wednesday 11th January 2017, the presentations and evaluation of projects took place. Evaluation on behalf of CZU was done by Ing. Jana Poláková and Ing. Petra Šeráková, on behalf of the Bern University of Applied Sciences by Dr. Marie Brechbühler Pešková (our graduate of English programme EMN and guarantor of this subject at the University of Bern) and on behalf of ACC Solutions by Mr. Roger Müller (CEO). This was followed by awarding certificates and a joint farewell dinner in the city centre.

This project was preceded by lessons of the subject Strategic Management in the winter semester. Dr. Marie Brechbühler Pešková taught this subject in Bern and in October 2016 led the lessons at CZU in a block week to become acquainted with our students, introduced them to the problems and divided into teams. Ing. Jana Poláková helped during the winter semester with the training of CZU students in Prague.

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