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The Christmas game at FEM 2019 have started!


The new Christmas game FEM, this time called Save the Presents, started 1. 12. 2019! Every day you can look forward to a new level and small rewards from FEM. 

At first glance a simple runner game was created by the FEM Information Services Center in the Virtual Reality Laboratory (part of HUBRU’s Human Behavior Studies Laboratory) in cooperation with the FEM Action Team. Developers created the game in Unity WebGL with Facebook account linking for easy login. The level winner can pick up his winnings in a specific smart box located in the vestibule of the CEMS Atrium. The lockers work thanks to the IoT (internet of things) environment implemented in the CEMS Atrium. The game is created in English, for PC, with simple and intuitive keyboard control, yet it can be complex and tricky in many ways.

For more information and rules about the game visit the website:


For some people the game is sure to bring back old memories of old retro games, when it was not possible to save your progress mid game. If you have what it takes, be sure to give the game a try! You may start the game any time after the 1st of December to the 24th of December, and if you will have the fastest time for a given level (day), you may receive a prize.

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