FEM without PET bottles thanks to the drinking water fountains!


Now you can refill your own glasses, bottles or other containers with fresh sparkling or non-sparkling water in the CEMS I vestibule on the ground floor or in the fountain, which is located nearby the EIII lecture hall.

The WATER FOR PEOPLE.CZ is a project to provide public fountains for fresh micro filtered water.

The aim of the project is to provide people a realistic alternative to bottled water through the implementation of the drinking fountains. To provide an alternative that is environmentally friendly and restricts the use of plastics and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Public fountains WATER FOR PEOPLE.CZ use the water from the water supply. As the water passes through the fountain it is micro filtrated with the use of carbon-based filters and it is additionally UV-treated to remove any bacteria. The result is water of superior quality and taste that does not travel by road and is not packed in plastic bottles.

The fountains of WATER FOR PEOPLE.CZ can be found in public places. They are installed not only in the exterior but also in the interior of schools, offices and other public buildings.

More information about the project can be found on facebook VODA PRO LIDI.CZ or www.vodaprolidi.cz.