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Cancellation of lessons at all faculties

In connection with current situation, when the CZU is awaiting the relevant decisions of its superior bodies, CZU cancels lessons at all faculties and the Institute of Education and Communication on 2 and 3 March 2020.

In cooperation with the Regional Hygiene Station, we immediately mapped the situation in connection with that particular professor after the case was reported (March 1st at approximately 5 pm) and we continue to monitor it. We are in intensive contact with the Prague Public Health Authority and follow its current methodological instructions.

Information for media:
Jana Kašparová, CZU Press Secretary: +420 703 182 901
Karla Mráčková, CZU Press Secretary: +420 603 203 703

Information for students and employees:
Telephone line: +420 224 384 023

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